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UFC 200: Brock Lesnar on PED accusations: I'm a white boy and I'm jacked, deal with it!

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Former UFC champ Brock Lesnar has responded to Mark Hunt's numerous PED accusations against him.

Mark Hunt has been throwing allegations on his UFC 200 opponent in Brock Lesnar, recently saying he's been juicing his whole career. The former heavyweight champion has since responded on a recent conference call, giving a pretty brief statement on the accusations.

"I've been dealing with that my entire life. I'm a white boy and I'm jacked. Deal with it!" he said. "What do you want me to say? I'm a white boy and I'm jacked. Deal with it."

This isn't the first time Hunt has accused Lesnar of doping, and the WWE star simply brushed it off saying he doesn't really care about any of the things people say about him. The self-proclaimed 'farm boy' was never the type to browse online about himself during his free time anyway.

"I haven't followed much of anything," he said. "I never have. I don't have a Twitter account. I don't Facebook. It is what it is. To me, it's all BS."