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The MMA Prospectus: UFC 199 fallout & Regional fights

Zane Simon & T.P. Grant are here to talk about all the the rising talent in MMA with an eye toward future stars and the UFC's rising performers. This week, looking back at UFC 199 and scanning the regional scene.

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It's a dead week for MMA. Honest to god, there's just not much going on beyond a solid Titan FC card featuring top featherweight prospect Andre Harrison. So, we're spending a lot of our time looking back at UFC 199 and Max Holloway and Jessica Andrade, who both put on standout performances. We're also scanning the regional scene for the best up-and-coming young talent, this week most notably focusing on Kaik Brito & and the aforementioned Harrison.

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Here's a longer list of the guys we're watching out for this week:

Inoue, Naoki
Daimoni, Bianca
Bazzi, Jesse
Cross, Kenneth *
Brito, Kaik *
Harrison, Andre *
Raush Manfio
Stosic, Darko
Vila, Ahmed
Sopi, Dale
Leite, Leo*
Goncalves, Anderson
Dazaev, Goity
Rivera, Emmanuel
Nunes, Istela
Sinis, Leonardo
Kallionidou, Elina
Ottow, Zak
Eckelberg, Craig
Levan Makashvili *