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Frank Mir is 'betting on' Mark Hunt to win at UFC 200: Brock Lesnar 'doesn't like to be hit'

Arch rival Frank Mir believes that Brock Lesnar won't be able to take down Mark Hunt and will therefore lose at UFC 200.

JP Yim/Getty Images

During a recent episode of his Phone Booth Fighting podcast, Frank Mir predicted the outcome of UFC 200's co-main event fight between Brock Lesnar and Mark Hunt. And, what should come as no surprise, Mir believes that Lesnar will lose.

"I'm betting on Mark," Mir said (Transcription via "He's been in there more consistently the last couple of years against really game opponents. I think that once their strengths match up against each other, it's a hard takedown. You've never really seen anybody come through and just blast Mark onto his butt in the first minute or two of a match."

Mir has quite a history with the WWE superstar, as they have shared the Octagon on two separate occasions. Mir welcomed Lesnar to the UFC with a first-round kneebar submission at UFC 81, but got crushed in the rematch one year later at UFC 100.

He believes Lesnar's biggest weakness is his vulnerability to hard punches, which of course happens to be Hunt's biggest strength.

"He doesn't like to be hit," Mir said of Lesnar. "Not that anybody likes to be hit, but Brock for whatever reason has shown much more of a dramatic response to the negativity of those shots. To the point where he's not asleep, it isn't like he got knocked out, he's not getting dropped, but he just turns his face away from adversity. That's a bad thing when fighting Mark Hunt, who again I think is one of the hardest punchers in the division."

Mir was on the receiving end of one of those shots, as he suffered a first round KO loss to Hunt last March.

Lesnar will make a one-night-only UFC comeback against Hunt in the co-main event of UFC 200 on July 9 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV.

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