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Transcript: Michael Bisping's corner audio from UFC 199 title win

We've gone ahead and transcribed the audio for Michael Bisping's corner at UFC 199, and it has some gems.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Bisping's performance at UFC 199 was an unexpected one, and put the cherry on top of a very successful career that always seemed to have fallen short when it mattered most. Despite the many doubters, there was certainly one man that was confident in Bisping's abilities against Luke Rockhold - his boxing coach Jason Parillo.

So we've transcribed the corner audio, and it's good.

Jason Parillo: Alright guys...

Coach 2: If the time doesn't come up on this screen, I'm gonna use the stopwatch. Start it at one minute.

Parillo: Come on, Mike! Nice, those feints. With that leg, again...

Coach 2: (Unintelligble)

Parillo: Yeah.

(Rockhold lands a body kick, then a leg kick)

Parillo: That's bullshit.

(Bisping attempts a combination)

Parillo: Try to set him up with that first.

Coach 2: (Notices Bisping gets a bit loose with stance)
Get those hands tight, Mike!

Parillo: Yes, don't give him that fence.

Coach 2: Four minutes!

(Rockhold lands another body kick)

Parillo: Yeah, he's trying that bullshit. Keep smothering on that left side, bud. (Bisping circles left and blocks a head kick attempt by Rockhold, then resets) Nice, good position. Stay relaxed, seeing everything, bud. Looking nice. Keep those feints, gotta fight -- (Bisping lands a front stomp kick to Rockhold's leg) niiice with that lead leg. Nice with the lead...

(Crowd starts chanting U-S-A!!)

Parillo: EN-GLAND.

Coach 2- Keep the hands tight!

Parillo: (Bisping attempts another combination without success) Nice, attacking that leg, too... Keep mixing it up. Nice hook... not one at a time!

Coach 2: Head high, hands up!

Parillo: (Rockhold lands a few shots) Staying relaxed, you're good, none of that's gonna bother you. Stay relaxed. Stay busy. Attack that lead leg, too. Go tight, circle to the left, stay to the left. Trying to get you with that left.

Coach 2: Three minutes!

(Bisping lands a body kick)

Parillo: Nice body! Trying that question mark, watch it. That's all bullshit, anyway.

Coach 2: Back hand tight!

Parillo: Circle left. There we go. Stay going that way, to the left.

(Bisping attempts another combination that Rockhold narrowly avoids)

Parillo: Nice. Don't load it up. Just that left shoulder a little farther forward.

Coach 2: Hands tight, Mike!

Parillo: Yes, tight when we move that way. Watch that kick.

(Bisping avoids a retreating overhand right from Rockhold)

Coach 2: Nice, boy. Good eyes!

Parillo: Don't look for one at a time. Don't look for the finish.
Just keep grouping 'em and put 'em together. Just like in the back (backstage). Good hand position.

(Bisping and Rockhold exchange blows, Bisping misses another overhand shot)

Parillo: Loading it up. Go to the target first. Don't load it up so much. (after a few seconds) Speed, Mikey.

(Bisping lands a combination, ends with a leg kick)

Coach 2: Strong mind. Nice, Mike. Yes.
Good, boy. Hands tight.

Parillo: Yup, circle left. Yup. (Bisping lands another punch, slides to his right) You're opening up a little bit coming in, try and sneak that in a little bit more. Little more sneaky with that, there we go.

(Bisping lands the massive left hook that drops Rockhold, then the second and the finishing sequence)

Parillo: MICHAEL, BABY!! MIKEY, BABY!! Mikey!
(screams of celebration, Bisping makes his way to cage door and smacks Parillo's hand)

Parillo: Hey! World champion, baby!


(Bisping hugs Lorenzo Fertitta)

Parillo: Here we go (to someone else) I won't run it, though.

(Bisping hugs Parillo)

Parillo: I fucking love you. (somewhat incredulously) World champion! You're the fucking world champion. (High fives other cornermen) Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

(Bisping rushes out of the cage to find his family)

Parillo: Where's my chick? I'm waving to my chick somewhere. Lemme put you on my shoulders!

Parillo: Left hook. Left fucking hook! Hey, left fucking hook! Hey! Thank you, (unintelligible). Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! (laughs)

Parillo: (To Bisping) Boom! You stayed with - hey - you stayed with it, you stayed calm, you kicked that fucker's ass (laughs). Oh, god. Boom! Hey! You damn right! Hey, congratulations. Congratulations.

Parillo: Whoo! Left hook. World fucking champion. Amazing, huh? Left hook!

(Another cornerman): He don't even know where he is. He don't even, he don't even know where he is.

Parillo: We'll get it again. We'll get it again (laughs).

Parillo: That's what it is, we've been working on it for fucking ever right there, buddy. (To Dana White) Thank you, Dana.

Dana White: (Referring to the championship belt) Could you put that on for me - could you put that on?

(Bisping is in the center of the cage being formally announced as the winner by Bruce Buffer)

Parillo: Hey, dude - Lorenzo told me to put it on.
(To someone else) Hey, Lorenzo told me to put it on.

Parillo: Left hook. Left hook! Holy shit, you got a champion again!

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