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Video: Kimbo Slice was Mixed Martial Arts

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MMA Fighting examines the fighting life and legacy of Kimbo Slice, following his passing at age 42.

Whatever your thoughts were on Kimbo Slice during his MMA career, he stood out. Loved or hated, win or lose, Kimbo Slice was a ratings hit who delivered his share of memorable moments in and out of the cage. He got his start as a YouTube legend, fighting all comers in the back yards of Florida. A bare knuckle boxing sensation.

He turned an Ultimate Fighter Heavyweights season into a short stay in the UFC. And he turned his short UFC career into a somewhat inauspicious, if not unsuccessful boxing career. Most recently, he made his return to fighting Under the Bellator banner, winning (before the latest was overturned) a pair of high profile bouts over Ken Shamrock and Dada 5000.

MMAFighting's Luke Thomas took the time to examine Kimbo Slice's combat sports legacy in a 20 minute video for MMA Fighting: Kimbo Slice Was Mixed Martial Arts where he compares and contrasts the rise of "The King of the Web Brawlers" as Rolling Stone dubbed him, to the rise of MMA in popular culture. Check it out.