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Jon Jones reacts to Brock Lesnar joining UFC 200: Red Panty Night!

Tweet of the Day: Jon Jones says Brock Lesnar returning at UFC 200 makes it Red Panty Night for him.

Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Jon Jones wasn't originally going to be on the UFC 200 card, but Conor McGregor's (now settled) issues with the Zuffa bosses led to him and Daniel Cormier being slotted as new headliner. Jones has already thanked the Irishman for indirectly handing him a "red panty night" payday, and with the latest addition of Brock Lesnar to the card, Jones is doing the same for the WWE superstar.

Jones is getting a cut on what was already predicted to be a huge pay-per-view for the milestone UFC event, and Lesnar coming back is only bound to add a significant amount of buys on top of that. When asked what he thinks of the former heavyweight champion returning, Jon admits to seeing dollar signs.

Jones rematches Cormier for the UFC title he never lost inside the cage. The bout will be one of three title fights on the stacked UFC 200 line up, which you can view here.

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