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Submission Radio: Botter talks Brock Lesnar's return, UFC 199, Helwani's ban

This week, in a condensed episode, Submission Radio chats with Jeremy Botter ( about UFC 199, Michael Bisping's unexpected title win, Brock Lesnar's UFC 200 return, and lots more!

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Submission Radio makes it's weekly return, however this time with a condensed, yet action-packed episode!

Managing editor of, Jeremy Botter, makes his first appearance on the program to help break down and make sense of everything that transpired at UFC 199, including Michael Bisping's championship victory over Luke Rockhold, Brock Lesnar's UFC return and lots more.

As always, the video above features clickable annotations and timestamps, and below is a rundown of what to expect on the episode. We hope you enjoy the show!

- Topics covered with Jeremy in this episode:

  • Dustin Poirier vs Bobby Green (begins at the 00:39 mark)
  • Dan Henderson vs Hector Lombard
  • Max Holloway vs Ricardo Lamas
  • Dominick Cruz vs Urijah Faber
  • What's next for Cruz and if this is the end for Faber
  • Michael Bisping's unlikely victory over Luke Rockhold
  • Bisping finally becoming champion and who he should face in his first defense
  • If overconfidence was Rockhold's downfall
  • Official announcement of Brock Lesnar's UFC return (begins at the 27:12 mark)
  • How Brock is able to fight in the UFC if he's still under WWE contract
  • How long Brock has been preparing to fight for and who he could potentially face at UFC 200
  • Why the most obvious potential names are also the most unlikely
  • Ariel Helwani's alleged lifetime UFC Ban (begins at the 37:28 mark)

For more of his fantastic insight and MMA coverage, make sure to follow Jeremy Botter on twitter @JeremyBotter.

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