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UFC 199 Video: Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold get heated after press conference

While Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold ended up with a decisive finish, both men still continued to argue after UFC 199.

Michael Bisping fulfilled what he claimed to be his "destiny" to win the middleweight belt, by knocking out Luke Rockhold on the headliner of UFC 199. It was an impressive win, especially coming off just two weeks notice for the new champion, but the animosity between them didn't die down after the fight.

As seen on the post-fight press conference, both men still traded barbs and insults while speaking to the media about their bout. When the presser's live stream concluded though, things even intensified and got heated after Rockhold refused to shake Bisping's extended arm.

Watch the video below where both men exchanged profanities and had to be separated.

"Give your respect, don't be a smug dick about it," Rockhold said, refusing to shake Bisping's hand. Things escalated from there.

"I knocked you out twice now!" Bisping said, along with a barrage of insults, as he referred to the past sparring session he had.

Both men threw a bunch of profanities at each other, with the new champion calling Rockhold a "faggot" at the end of the exchange. He then immediately caught himself and apologized for the slur as he went back to speak to the media. "Shit, I shouldn't have said that. Delete that comment from your cameras."

UFC commentator and fellow British fighter, Dan Hardy also reacted to the situation.

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