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UFC 199: Max Holloway vs. Ricardo Lamas full fight video highlights

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Watch the full fight video highlights from the marquee featherweight matchup of UFC 199 between Max Holloway and Ricardo Lamas.

UFC 199 saw two top 5 featherweights wage war as Max Holloway squared off against Ricardo Lamas. Although Lamas had his moments, Holloway was in top form as he picked up the unanimous decision victory. To the crowd's delight, both gentlemen agreed to stand in the pocket and throw bolos for last 10 seconds of the fight.

Check out Dallas Winston's play-by-play of the second round:

R2: Lamas compensates for Holloway's backward movement and lands a low kick. Holloway glances with a left hand, then with two rights before switching stances with Lamas backed into a corner. Holloway blocks a heavy high kick and drills Lamas with two right crosses. Holloway stays on the trigger but Lamas sits down on back-to-back right hands, landing both clean.

Lamas shoots and Holloway counters with the front headlock to stave it off. They trade lead right hooks. Lamas again uses a single-leg attempt to put Holloway on the cage but gets caught in a choke when Holloway counters with the front headlock. Holloway spins to back control, looking for a rear-naked choke. Lamas prevents him from getting any hooks and Holloway bails on the choke to cleave Lamas with an elbow to the head. 10-9 Holloway.

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