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Bloody Elbow Cross Promotion: Brock Lesnar, what is he good for?

Zane Simon is bringing in an outside voice to Bloody Elbow to look at one of the hottest topics in MMA today, namely Brock Lesnar's return to the UFC and MMA competition. This week's guest is Erik Fontanez, Senior Editor at and longtime contributor to MMA Weekly.

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Without a UFC event (or really any notable MMA event) this weekend, it's time to do something a little different. Since there's not going to be a Vivisection, I'm starting a new show: Bloody Elbow Cross Promotion, where I'll bring in a (usually media) voice from outside our normal group of contributors to talk about whatever's going on in MMA outside of the fights themselves.

Obviously we're mostly going to be hitting big topics only, and I'm going to try to keep this focused as firmly on MMA as possible, allowing for whatever other passions these guests might bring to the table with them. This week we're looking at Brock Lesnar's upcoming UFC debut, what it means in the context of his WWE career and his MMA legacy, and how that relates to continuing talk of Fedor in the UFC. I'm joined by Erik Fontanez, Senior Editor of and Assoctiate Editor of MMA Weekly. He's a born-again pro-wrestling fan and a hoops addict, so if you're looking for a few basketball related thoughts we'll have those too.

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