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Jacare Souza: If GSP wants to move to 185, 'I will break his neck'

Ronaldo Souza has a few words for Georges St-Pierre, whose recent remarks on a UFC return included the possibility of fighting Michael Bisping for the middleweight title.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

UFC middleweight contender Ronaldo Souza could've been the one fighting Luke Rockhold on short notice at UFC 199, but as fate would have it, minor knee surgery left him unable to accept the bout. Michael Bisping got the call-up instead, and the rest is history.

With Jacare coming off a 1st round mauling of Vitor Belfort, he is very much in prime position to get a title shot. In an interview with MMA Fighting, Jacare declared himself to be ready for competition, and is confident that his next fight will be a championship bout.

"Whenever they book the fight, and I'm sure it's going to be for the belt, I'll start my camp. No one has earned it more than me. I'm just waiting for the call from the UFC. I believe they will look at it in a meritocracy aspect, and it can't be anyone but me. I'm waiting for the date."

One thing that Jacare isn't a fan of is the idea of Georges St-Pierre getting an immediate title shot at middleweight. GSP had recently stated that he was interested in a showdown with Bisping, even though he's never competed in the weight class. Based off of those quotes, Souza ripped into the former welterweight champion.

"St-Pierre never fought at middleweight. I don't know what he's doing here," said Jacare. "To me, he's a chicken. If I get him, I'll break him in half. He's retired and wants to fight for the title in a division he never fought before? He always ran away from Anderson (Silva), ran from fighting at 185, and now he wants the belt?"

"Look, I'll give him this chance, and it's going to be easy for me," he continued. "I would pass on fighting for the belt only to fight him if he moves up. He's a chicken. If he wants to move up, I would let Bisping for later, since I know I'm the next in line. If he wants to move up, I want him. I will break his neck."

Jacare is currently #3 in the UFC's middleweight rankings, behind only the division's last two champions, Luke Rockhold and Chris Weidman.

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