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UFC 200 Video: Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones brawl retold in 3D animated clip

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Watch UFC champs Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones' infamous brawl in an animated version.

UFC 200 is coming up, and when telling the story about the rivalry between headliners Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones, people will always go back to their infamous brawl back in 2014. When revisiting the dust up between the two light heavyweights, the UFC and The Chive collaborated to bring this animated clip.

Watch Cormier narrate on their 'beautiful love story that will never end' on the video above.

"With UFC 200 coming up, it’s time to revisit one of the biggest rivalries the UFC has to offer…Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones. This, of course, is not the first time they’ll challenge each other for the belt. Lucky for us, The Chive caught up with Cormier to discuss one of the more memorable meetings they had outside of the Octagon. The story was so good that The Chive decided to animate the whole thing. Enjoy, and make sure to catch the real fight on Saturday, July 9th on Pay-Per-View."