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UFC 199: Michael Bisping says Luke Rockhold has a 'vagina', turned down 'Jacare' fight

Middleweight title challenger Michael Bisping accuses champ Luke Rockhold of turning down Ronaldo Souza as an opponent and picking the supposedly easier fight.

Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday's UFC 199 pre-fight press conference was mainly dominated by the heated, back-and-forth trash talk between Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping. Between all the countless insults, the British challenger actually made an interesting accusation towards the middleweight champion.

When Chris Weidman got injured and the UFC was looking for a replacement, the official storyline is, that Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza has turned down the offer and Bisping jumped in. Contrary to the that narrative, Bisping said that it was in fact not Jacare who turned down the fight, it was Rockhold who turned down Jacare and picked the supposedly easier opponent in him, since Bisping was currently shooting a movie when he got the offer.

"Luke says that he's on a different level than everybody else and he's by far the best fighter and he can destroy anybody and this, that and the other," Bisping said (Transcription via "Well, if that is the case, then it turns out he's a liar, because the guy has a bit of a vagina inside him because he turned down Ronaldo 'Jacare,' whatever his name is. He turned the fight down. I didn't turn this fight down."

"Luke didn't want the Jacare fight," Bisping continued. "He chose me. He 'chose.' That's a real good way of saying he turned it down. 'I chose you.' So you didn't choose 'Jacare.' I thought you were the big dog. I thought you were the big, swinging dick, man. You were the best in the world, buddy. [...] You're the best, but I choose Bisping. He's on a movie set, let's pick him. Pick the easy fight.' You picked wrong. Your reputation is already diminished. You already turned down 'Jacare.'"

Rockhold, however, denied that all went down the way Bisping pretended. "I didn't turn any fight down," he said. "I already beat you and I already beat him and I already beat everybody else.

"'Jacare' turned down the fight. I never turned it down. You were left and that's what we had and that's what we worked with."

Rockhold and Bisping will square off this Saturday in the main event of UFC 199 in Inglewood, California.