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K-1 legend Remy Bonjasky doesn't rule out comeback for 'special moment'

Three-time K-1 World Grand Prix champion Remy Bonjasky would consider a return to action, if a promoter "motivates" him with the right fight.

Remy Bonjasky did what few combat sports superstars have managed to do: he left the sport on a win.

The three-time K-1 World Grand Prix champion retired with all his health intact and enough money left to live a happy, prosperous life. Would he risk all that for one last big fight?

Apparently, he would, if the right offer came along, as he told's Mark Bergmann in the above video interview for German broadcaster ranFIGHTING. After being asked if he still feels the itch in his fingers, sitting ringside at last Saturday's Glory 31 show in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this was Bonjasky's response:

"It always feels great to see guys fighting, and at the moment it's itching like hell, because you wanna go into the ring right now, you wanna show your skills. But right now, I'm just a spectator."

Bonjasky continued to explain that, although it would take a lot for a promoter to make him return, he would consider it, if the occasion is right.

"A lot of promoters are asking me to come back, but you know what? They need to motivate me! They really need to motivate me to come back, and if I come back, it needs to be special. It needs to be that special moment, special arena. You know, maybe in Tokyo Dome again, I don't know. Then I will come back."

Bonjasky has fought a fair share of his most memorable battles in Japan's prestigious Tokyo Dome arena, where he captured two of his three K-1 World GP crowns. The 40-year old Dutch retired after a victory over fellow combat-sports legend Mirko Cro Cop at Glory 14 in Zagreb two years ago.