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Sonnen and Thompson pick Georges St-Pierre to beat UFC champ Michael Bisping

Chael Sonnen and Stephen Thompson both think Georges St-Pierre would beat UFC middleweight champ Michael Bisping if they fought.

Georges St-Pierre has gone on record to say that he's finally ready and willing to comeback after a self-imposed hiatus from mixed martial arts. While the dominant welterweight has stated that he is willing to compete in three divisions, a middleweight bout against current champion Michael Bisping seems to be a fight that both camps are interested in.

Chael Sonnen and Stephen Thompson were guests at Submission Radio, and both men expressed their excitement about GSP's potential return. As for the possible bout against Bisping, they both think St-Pierre would get his hand raised if it were to happen.

"I love it," Sonnen said. "I wanna see Georges back in there. I didn’t think it would happen. When he turned down UFC 200 – particularly the way his contract and the threshold and the bonus structure works, he was looking at anywhere from twelve to fifteen million dollars. No he’s gonna be looking more at four to 5.3 million dollars. So I was a little surprised that if he turned down two hundred, why or if he would ever come back – and I still don’t have the answer to that. I still think that the card to come back for was UFC 200, but he didn’t do it."

"So if he wants to come back, I’m all for it and if he wants a title shot against Bisping, he’s gonna get it," he said. "Yeah, I think that GSP would win."

"And does it make sense? Sure it does. It’s a very rare thing. And again, it might be a one-off. I don’t know that he would defend that belt. I think that he likes the match up, he likes that opponent, he likes that it’s a world title fight in a different division. I think he likes those things. I don’t know that he wants to get in there with Rockhold and Jacare. I don’t know that he does. But he likes this. And history will reflect very well on it if he was to come out of retirement and win a world championship in a different weight class."

Wonderboy agrees with Sonnen about the match up, but doesn't think St-Pierre goes for the belt.

"Either stay at 170, or maybe even try -- cause I know he’s a little bit shorter than me -- I don’t even know if he could get to 155, but I think he would definitely make a huge splash there as well. But man, he’s one of the best welterweight’s that ever stepped in there. It would be cool to see him fight at welterweight again. I mean, he’s just a monster. But I think for him, where his level is now, a super fight would be where it’s at. Either going up in weight and maybe fight Bisping cause he’s a big guy."

"If he would fight Bisping, I don’t think it would be for the title. I think it would just be a money fight. Just because, for him to be out for so long and go out there and straight go for a title would be unfair for a lot of the fighters in the division. So I don’t know if they would go that route, but in just a big money fight, I think he would beat Bisping."

Both Sonnen and Thompson have trained with St-Pierre in the past. Wonderboy considers him a good friend from his days at Tristar, while Sonnen recently shared that he had a 'hard' sparring session before that GSP won.