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Twitter Beef: Michael Bisping and Chris Weidman trade PED accusations

UFC middleweights Michael Bisping and Chris Weidman are still beefing on social media.

Anton Tabuena

Shortly after Michael Bisping won the UFC middleweight title, Chris Weidman has been calling him out. The former champ mocked him for calling out the 13th ranked fighter in Dan Henderson, and Bisping has been quick to point out that Weidman is coming from a loss to the man he just knocked out.

They've continued trading barbs on social media, and the rest of the conversation is below:

What Weidman brought up, was a 2012 interview with Bisping's former teammate in Quinton Jackson.

"Recently Bisping went and did an interview about people that take TRT is cheating, and shit like that," Rampage said almost four years ago. "That didn't sit well with me because people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stone."

"All I'm saying is people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones," he said, when asked if Bisping took PEDs. "There's a lot worse stuff out there than testosterone that people can take. That's all I'm saying."

Weidman sent out a few more tweets afterwards.

If USADA's more stringent testing has affected Bisping as Weidman says, it somehow made him better instead of worse. The Brit has won three bouts since the new anti-doping policies went live, including incredible performances against Anderson Silva and Luke Rockhold to win the UFC title.

USADA's records show that they've tested Bisping 7 times in 2016, while Weidman was subject to 3. Neither man has failed a drug test in their mixed martial arts careers, but it's obviously not going to stop them from slinging veiled accusations at each other.

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