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Urijah Faber on UFC 199 Reebok gear: 'My ass was hanging out'

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Urijah Faber isn't a fan of how his Reebok gear fit him in his UFC 199 bout against Dominick Cruz.

Valerie Letourneau's issues with her Reebok gear in her bout with Joanne Calderwood aren't the first time fighters have voiced issues with what they were wearing. Elizabeth Phillips had issues last year, and today, Urijah Faber spoke up about them as well. In his bout with Dominick Cruz at UFC 199, he told MMA Fighting that he was having major issues with his shorts sliding down during the bout. In typical Faber fashion, he found the humor in it:

"There's no shame in my game. The best things were the memes with my chin and my butt matching. It's hilarious. I actually posted it on my Instagram."

Here is said Instagram post - which is pretty funny:

A photo posted by Urijah Faber (@urijahfaber) on

He continued on, explaining his actual issues with them:

"The Reebok outfits, that happened in my last fight, too," Faber said. "I was constantly pulling up my shorts. I like the material, but they need to make them so they fit better. I don't know what the deal was. My ass was hanging out."

Faber dropped that bout to Cruz by unanimous decision. There had been some indication that he might retire after the bout, but he vowed to fight on.