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Technique of the Week: K-1 legend demonstrates spinning back kick variations

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K-1 kickboxing legend, Sam Greco, demonstrates how to land spinning back kicks from close range, in Submission Radio's "Technique of the Week".

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K-1 legend Sam Greco, returns for his final appearance (in this current series) of Submission Radio's "Technique of the Week", to drop knowledge on the importance of regulating distance when throwing spinning back kicks, as well as other kicks.

In the video above, the former K-1 World Grand Prix competitor shows you why you don't necessarily need space to land devastating kicks and ruin you opponent's liver. Greco also demonstrates his variation of leg kicks that can also be thrown from very close range; a technique he used frequently and with much success throughout his prime.

Greco retired from active competition in 2005 after knocking out Shungo Oyama in the first round, under MMA rules. He finished his career with a 19-9-2 record in kickboxing and 3-1-1 in MMA. During his nearly two-decade career, Greco faced some of the biggest names in combat sports, including Mirko Cro Cop, Lyoto Machida, Heath Herring, Ernesto Hoost, Ray Sefo, Jerome Le Banner, Peter Aerts and many more.

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