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Demetrious Johnson talks gameplanning & beating dudes up in the clinch (Heavy Hands)

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Demetrious Johnson joins Heavy Hands to talk about his unique relationship with trainer Matt Hume and the training and preparation that keeps him at the top of the UFC flyweight division.

Dominick Cruz may have been the first UFC champion to stop by Heavy Hands, but Demetrious Johnson made sure he wasn't the last. It's a very competitive business vying to get on our show, you understand.

Seriously though, we were very honored to welcome arguably the greatest mixed martial artist on the planet today on Heavy Hands, and boy did we have so much to ask him. Johnson is well-known for his transitions, ably switching from one range to another or from one phase to another, and he talks about the unique relationship with trainers Matt Hume and Brad Kertson than enables that style.

The pound-for-pound great also discusses his approach to gameplanning for each specific opponent, and the inimitable clinch game that led him to a dominant first-round victory over Olympic wrestler Henry Cejudo.

After the interview, it's on to UFC Ottawa, and the implications of Stephen Thompson's victory over Rory MacDonald. We take a broad, strategic look at the fight and ask what MacDonald could have done better, while acknowledging just how brilliantly Stephen Thompson outclassed him.

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And a special notice for our listeners: We will be running three episodes in the lead-up to UFC 200 to make the most of UFC Fight Week. Our episode schedule is as follows, including the fights we will be breaking down on each episode:

June 29: RDA-Alvarez, Duffy-Clarke, Birchak-Lopes, Lesnar-Hunt
July 5: Jedrzejczyk-Gadelha, Brooks-Pearson, Choi-Tavares, Aldo-Edgar
July 6: Cormier-Jones, Tate-Nunes, Hendricks-Gastelum, Dillashaw-Assuncao, Mousasi-Santos