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Couture says 'reliable sources' tell him UFC sale is done, thinks White should go

Randy Couture says his sources say that reports of the UFC sale is true. He also says that while Dana White is staying on, the promotion would be better without him.

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

On Monday, it was reported that the UFC has accepted a bid of $4.2 billion to sell the company, with Dana White staying on with a similar role. The UFC has since gone on record to inform the public and its employees that the report is "false", but for what it's worth, UFC hall-of-famer Randy Couture is also saying the same thing -- that the deal is done.

"I’ve heard a strong rumor that it is sold," Couture told ESPN1100 this past weekend. "It’s done. It was done a day or two ago. Lorenzo’s (Fertitta) out. Dana (White) is still in. I heard that from fairly reliable sources that that’s happening."

"I hear the company that bought it is keeping (White) on as the president."

The former two-division champion then went on to share his opinion, saying that keeping White in the company is a mistake.

"If the UFC has a problem right now as a brand, it’s an image problem. How they act and how they treat the fighters. The things that they do with their fighters that are in their stable," Couture said. "And lot of that trickles down from (Dana White). His attitude when he does interviews. His attitude when he deals with the media. His attitude when he deals with his fighters."

"If I bought the company and wanted to change that or take it to the next level, I’m thinking you need a change of face. You need a change of image," he said. "He’s treating the media just like he treats a lot of the fighters. If you’re not his boy. If you’re not the guy that’s going to sign away all your ancillary rights and let him control you head to toe, then he’s going to find a way to put his thumb on you."

In a memo sent by UFC officials to all its employees, they denied the sale and hinted at taking legal action against "parties publishing and contributing to these false stories".

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