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UFC fight video: Miesha Tate vs. Holly Holm

Check out video of Miesha Tate's thrilling UFC women's bantamweight title victory over Holly Holm.

When Holly Holm kicked Ronda Rousey in the head last November, the course of women's MMA was irreparably altered. Holm got a bunch of mainstream press, and she was put up on a pedestal as The Woman That Defeated Ronda Rousey. She was a superstar.

At least until Miesha Tate got her shot.

After two submission losses to Rousey, Tate was viewed as the ultimate underdog walking into her March bout with Holm. She had won four bouts in a row to earn her opportunity, but everyone was expecting Holm to roll through her and set up a huge rematch with Rousey.

If you watched UFC 196, you know that's not the way it went down. If you didn't, well...that's why we're posting this video.

Sorry to play spoiler, but Tate's fifth-round submission was a thing of beauty, and she's the head honcho in the division now. She'll take on Amanda Nunes at UFC 200, and if she can win, it'll likely set up a third bout with Rousey in late 2016.

For now, just enjoy a video of one of the better fights of 2016 so far.

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