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UFC Ottawa full fight video highlights: Rory MacDonald vs. Stephen Thompson

Watch the video highlights from the UFC Ottawa main event between Rory MacDonald and Stephen Thompson from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The claim to number one contender status was on the line as number one ranked UFC welterweight Rory MacDonald returned to action, in his native land of Canada, against the rapid rising number two ranked Stephen Thompson at UFC Fight Night: MacDonald vs. Thompson.

Watch Wonderboy Thompson throw a laser of a wheel kick:

Check out Dallas Winston's play-by-play below:

R5: MacDonald vaults out of his corner with an aggressive combo but Thompson calmly sidesteps it and moves out into open space. MacDonald lands a hard left hook but Thompson plugs him with a counter. MacDonald drills him with another right hand as Thompson's circling out. Thompson lands a spinning kick to the face though it lands with the foot.

MacDonald nose had already been bleeding but the last kick has increased the flow. MacDonald shoots a double leg but Thompson reverses him, landing on top and in MacDonald's half guard. Short right elbows to the face from Thompson, then he disengages and lets MacDonald up.

They touch up and unwind mutual combinations at each other. Another kick to the body from Thompson. MacDonald misses with a hook but glances with an uppercut. Thompson stays on his bike and launches kicks from distance until the bell rings.

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