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UFC Fight Night 89: Tommy Toehold's picks & predictions

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Bloody Elbow content partner, Tommy Toehold is back with his lightning fast breakdown and predictions for UFC Ottawa.

Tommy Toehold

Saturday is going to be an action packed night for Ottawa and the rest of the MMA community. UFC Fight Night 89 is yet another great card with fantastic match-ups from the curtain-jerker all the way to the main event. There is a pair of women's fights that promises fireworks, a surefire barn-burner with Cerrone vs. Cote, and the headlining showdown between Rory MacDonald and Stephen Thompson is one of the best made bouts of the year and will likely serve as a title eliminator, as well. You simply can't go wrong in watching this card.

Now that our cartoon content partner, Tommy Toehold has taken to doing his lightning fast event breakdowns (this one is just 3:45 long) for every event, we've decided to showcase them for our readers.

Here's a small sampling that gives you two of his predictions:

"Speaking of awesome fights, the co-main event is like waking up to find a 12 ounce steak ready for you eat. In bed. And your favorite movie is on. And your bed is a super cool water bed. Donald Cerrone is taking on the heavy handed Patrick Cote and I have a feeling both guys are just going to stand and bang. At least at first. Then the Cowboy will find a way to get it to the ground and look for a submission. This one could go all three rounds, but to me, the likeliest outcome here is the Cowboy via sub, possibly early. Should be a f*cking great time though.

Our main event is gonna be awesome as f*ck. It's gonna be the awesomest f*cking sh*t of all time! Or it could end up kinda dull, actually. Rory MacDonald is taking on Stephen Thompson. Title implications here. This is a big one. Thompson is on a tear right now with a huge win over Johny Hendricks. He's got kicks on kicks and his striking is far superior to Rory Macdonald. That said though, the Red King is very well rounded and he has seen some sh*t. Like a five round fight with Robbie Lawler that took Rory's soul. He's been in big time fights. Thompson is still on the come up. Thompson could win big quickly, but the more likely outcome here is Rory Mac taking a decision in what could be an awesome fight."