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EFN 50: Emelianenko vs. Maldonado results and live discussion

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Join us here at Bloody Elbow for results and live discussion of EFN 50, featuring a bout between Fedor Emelianenko and Fabio Maldonado. Coverage kicks off at 11am ET/8am PT on June 17th.

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Bloody Elbow is the place to be to discuss the return of Fedor. The Last Emperor will fight once again, this time against Brazilian brawler Fabio Maldonado on EFN 50 from Russia. And the event will air live on UFC Fight Pass.

The show will begin at 11am ET/8am ET on Friday, June 17th. Besides Fedor and Maldonado, you can check out a bout between former Bellator champ Vitaly Minakov and K-1 fighter Peter Graham, along with names like Kiril "Baby Fedor" Sidelnikov, Akhnet Aliev, and Rasul Mirzaev.

This is the place to get live results from the card, and discuss the happenings. Will Fedor win again? Will this be a prelude to a UFC run? Will Maldonado have something for him? We'll find out soon enough!

This is the current card (order to be determined at the whim of the Russians):

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Fabio Maldonado

Round 1 - Fedor comes forward with a jab and some big shots. Fabio is just covering up, but he's still in it. Big knee from Fedor. Maldonado looks okay. Double jab, winging right from Fedor. Fedor is feinting, steps in with a huge left but misses with the right. Fedor fell down and Maldonado is all over him! Big shots from Fabio! A series of lefts. Fedor is trying to tie him up. More big shots. Big right, Fedor is stunned. He's  up! And running away! Maldonado is stalking him around the cage. Fedor is barely on his feet. He ties Fedor up against the cage and works the body. Fedor backs away. He's still really wobbly but he's throwing. Big shot from Fedor sends Maldonado staggering across the cage! He's back in Fedor's face, against the cage. Fedor with an uppercut! He's throwing wild shots but missing. This is a great round, if a bit sloppy. Big combos from both. Maldonado with two big rights. Back against the cage, and some uppercuts from Maldonado. Fedor spat out his mouthpiece to get a break. Uppercuts from Maldonado! Knee to the body from Fedor and he separates. What. A. Round. 10-9 Maldonado.

Round 2 - Fedor's face is beat up. His hands are down but he's stalking Fabio. Straight right from Fedor, counter right from Maldonado. Fedor with a jumping knee to the head! Didn't see that coming. Big right, and a knee. Fedor opens up! Another knee! Maldonado is gassed out, it looks like. Hard leg kick from Fedor. High kick from Emelianenko, and a leg kick. Maldonado isn't doing much in response now. Double jab, winging right, leg kick from Fedor. Maldonado finally comes forward with a combo, but there's nothing behind it. Fedor with a big combo, but Maldonado blocked most of it. Maldonado's face is busted up, but he's still there. Dounle jab from Maldonado. He landed a glancing right and Fedor is down briefly! It looked like a slip more than anything. Body shot from Fabio. Body kick from Fedor and he slipped again. Fedor with another big combo against the cage that Fabio defended. 10-9 Fedor.

Round 3 - Maldonado lands the first shot. He backs Fedor up and lands a knee to the body. Fedor spun him around and hurt him with a right! Maldonado responded with a nice left hook though. Low kick from Fedor. Maldonado with a leaping left hook, Fedor responds to the body. Fedor with a counter and he's unloading on Maldonado against the cage. Fabio weathers the storm. Another wild combo. Jabs from Fabio. Left hook from Maldonado, and he just misses with a kill shot. Fedor kicks low and high. They're both gassed. Maldonado with a big combo coming forward. Fedor pops in a counter. Fedor with two right hooks, Fabio with some jabs. Fedor opens up again, and finishes with a knee. Fedor going for broke, but Maldonado responds. 10-9 and 29-29 Fedor in my eyes.

Fedor Emelianenko defeated Fabio Maldonado by majority decision (28-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Vitaly Minakov vs. Peter Graham

Round 1 - Minakov with a body kick and he charged forward for a takedown. Grahan tried to stuff it but just sort of fell down. Minakov immediately looked for an arm, then moved to mount. Big punches. Graham pushed him off but Minakov transitioned for an armbar. He rolled through, got it loose, and Graham tapped. Impressive stuff from Minakov.

Vitaly Minakov defeats Peter Graham by submission (armbar), 1:02 of round 1

Kiril Sidelnikov defeated Ruben Wolf by unanimous decision
Akhmat Aliev defeated Matej Truhan by unanimous decision
Anatoly Tokov defeated Vladimir Filipovic by unanimous decision
Sergey Pavlovich defeated Chaban Ka by TKO (punches), 1:54 of round 1
Vadim Nemkov defeated Mikolaj Rozanski by TKO (punches), 3:39 of round 1
Rasul Mirzaev defeated Dioginis Souza by TKO (punches), 4:13 of round 1
Valentin Moldavsky defeated Daniel Doerrer by submission (guillotine choke), :47 of round 1
Georgy Kichigin defeated Vladimir Tyurin by submission (armbar), 2:03 of round 1
Abdulsupyan Alikhanov defeated Arten Shokalo by unanimous decision
Jack McGann defeated Abdula Dadaev by TKO (knee/punches), 2:13 of round 1
Aleksandr Dankov defeated Dmitriy Maryukhim by TKO (puncheS), 2:49 of round 1
Vasiliy Zubkov defeated Sergey Tovkan by submission (triangle choke), 3:57 of round 1
Marina Mokhnatkina defeated Ekaterina Torbeeva by submission (armbar), :25 of round 1