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UFC 200: Daniel Cormier laughs at Jon Jones' power: 'He can't punch!'

Daniel Cormier talks about Jon Jones' punching power ahead of their UFC 200 match up.

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Daniel Cormier will rematch his rival Jon Jones as the headliner for UFC 200, and naturally one of the talking points for both men would be their first encounter. According to the current light heavyweight champion, he learned that Jones doesn't really have much punching power, and laughed it off during a recent interview.

"He cannot punch," Cormier laughed as he spoke to Opie & Jim Norton (HT: MMA Digest). "He hit me, and I'm like 'Wow! This is actually him punching me as hard as he can.' He can't punch, so he has to throw elbows, kicks, and knees, because he can't punch. He doesn't hit very hard, so he has to do something."

"He does not punch very hard, I'll be honest with you, man. He kicks very hard, he knees very hard, and he elbows hard, but he can't punch."

As for who he believes hits the hardest, Cormier says it's his previous opponent, Rumble.

"Anthony Johnson, 100 percent," he said. "Anthony Johnson hits harder than any other person, no doubt. Every time he hit me, it made me kind of like fly all over the place. He was trying to take my head off. Even when he'd miss, you can hear it."

"Roy Nelson too, was swinging for the fences, and Dan Henderson," he continued. "Dan Henderson, even when you're close and he hits you from very very close, you can feel how heavy his hands are. His hands are pretty powerful."

Cormier also recently spoke about Brock Lesnar's late addition, with the WWE star sending him an early Christmas greeting after joining the UFC 200 line up.

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