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Brock Lesnar sent Daniel Cormier a Christmas greeting after joining UFC 200

It's June, but Daniel Cormier has received an advanced Christmas greeting from Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar was a last minute surprise addition to UFC 200, which will be headlined by a title bout between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones. One of the biggest draws in MMA-history returning would be massive for those fighters who get a cut of the pay-per-view, so naturally, Cormier was excited once news broke online.

"I started to ask everyone when I heard about it." Cormier said at the MMA Hour.

He then decided to text Lesnar directly, asking his fellow NCAA wrestling star, "Hey Brock, is it Christmas time in the Cormier household? Because Brock Lesnar equals pay-per-view buys."

"He didn't respond," DC said.

"Then finally after the commercial ran (to officially announce it), I got a response from Brock that said 'Merry Christmas, DC!'"

"I was like, 'you have got to be kidding me!' I had to take a moment, wept in the corner a little bit, and had to compose myself before Rockhold went out and fought."

Cormier's rival was also thrilled by the news, with Jones taking to social media to celebrate Lesnar giving him a "red panty night". While it wasn't the original plan for UFC 200, Daniel believes it ended up as a much better card.

"It's a big event. You have Brock Lesnar, who you can argue is the biggest star in UFC history, and I believe you have the most important fight that the UFC can put on right now."

"I love Nate Diaz, love Conor McGregor. It's a huge fight, but what's it for? It's not for a belt, and it's not going to lead to a title shot. It's a fight people want to see because it's an attraction," he said. "When it comes to Jon and I, you have the most important match the UFC can put on the most important event."

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