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JDS: ‘Miocic will keep the belt for a long time, until he meets me again’

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Junior Dos Santos talks about the current state of the heavyweight division and the possibility of fighting both Fabricio Werdum and Stipe Miocic one more time.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Dos Santos vs Rothwell
Junior Dos Santos
Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

For now, Junior Dos Santos is healing from a bicep surgery he underwent following his unanimous decision win over Ben Rothwell, last April. But that hasn’t stopped the former heavyweight champion from looking at the future of his division.

As “Cigano” told Portal do Vale Tudo, he believes current champion, Stipe Miocic will reign for a long time, until they meet again.

“Miocic is a great athlete, he gave me one of the toughest fights of my career, he hits really hard and I think he will hold that belt for a long time, until he meets me again. He lives a great moment and I don’t think he’ll make the same mistakes I made against Overeem, like respecting him too much and giving him too much space.”

As for his beef with Fabricio Werdum, Dos Santos, considers that to be over, since his goal is to fight for the belt and Werdum no longer has it.

“My will is to fight for the belt. He had the belt so I wanted to fight him, but now he doesn’t have what I want anymore, so he doesn’t matter to me. If the UFC decides I should fight him, I will. I confess I will even like it, it has the potential to be a great fight.”

As Junior Dos Santos nurses his injury, the heavyweight division moves on as UFC 203, on September 10, in Cleveland, Ohio, features a heavyweight title fight between champion Stipe Miocic and Alistair Overeem. Plus, Fabricio Werdum takes on Ben Rothwell in the co-main event of the evening.