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Demetrious Johnson defiant in face of new UFC weight-cutting guidelines

Demetrious Johnson is in favor of most of the UFC's new weight-cutting guidelines, but he refuses to meet one of them.

Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson does cut a fair amount of weight before his fights, but has never had any issues making weight in his career. So when the UFC decided to institute new weight-cutting guidelines, Johnson was generally pretty supportive of them - except for one item. The promotion would like fighters to be within eight percent of their fighting weight on the Tuesday before their fight.

Mighty Mouse isn't down with that, and he told reporters backstage at UFC 199 all about it (via MMA Junkie):

"Not f**king happening, bro."

"I’ve never missed weight, not once, I’ve never had a scare, so I will come in weighing 138, 139," he said.

When asked about the possible repercussions for not meeting the guidelines, he came off as downright defiant:

"What are they going to do? Not let me fight? I’m not a crack addict - it’s not like I need to go to rehab for making weight. I’ve never had a problem, never been dehydrated. I’m taking a sh*t when I’m going to make weight. I’m smart - I don’t need an education on how to make weight."

The UFC apparently hasn't set any penalties as of yet for not meeting them, so it doesn't seem like it'll be a big deal. It's still interesting to see a UFC champion blatantly challenge the organization though. Johnson will defend his title against Wilson Reis at UFC 201 on July 30th.

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