Hipster Classic Fights (Obscure/Forgotten Fights)

Just thought this would be a good topic to try get a discussion going, especially seeing as there is so much content available these days with fight pass, basically just a thread where posters can suggest exciting fights that may not be in the "mainstream". Every EFN, Shooto Brazil, Victory FC and whatever second tierr promotion you can think of produces a lot of quality but being perfectly honest there is a fair share of mediocrity and most people dont have the time to sit down and watch a 5 hour EFN card with a load of part timers who theyll probably never see again. So Ill start off and suggest that everybody watch the following

Luiz Dutra Jr vs Hiroyuki Tetsuka from Pancrase 276 (available on fightpass)

Akbarh Arreola vs Kazuki Tokudome from Pancrase 277 (also on fightpass)

Ilir Latifi vs Tatsuya Mizuno (trikeforce Revenge (

Joe Ray vs Jeremy Smith from XFC 13

Mike Seal vs Eugene Jackson from Strikeforce Revenge ( In 2006, before Strikeforce was cool)

Ole Laursen vs Felipe Enomoto from One FC 2

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