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Full fight video: Fedor Emelianenko mauls Mark Coleman

Before Fedor Emelianenko fights Fabio Maldonado on UFC Fight Pass, check out Fedor's second fight with Mark Coleman from 2006.

Fedor Emelianenko on UFC Fight Pass. Not just old videos. Fighting live. That sounds like something that would never happen, but it is - on June 17th, against ex-UFC brawler Fabio Maldonado at EFN 50. Ahead of this momentous occasion, the UFC is putting out full fight videos of some of Fedor's greatest exploits.

One such exploit was his second-to-last Pride fight against Mark Coleman. The bout took place at Pride 32, the promotion's first-ever card outside of Japan. The card featured many names still relevant today - Vitor Belfort, Dan Henderson, Shogun Rua, Josh Barnett, and even a youngish Robbie Lawler - but the main event was what people bought tickets for. The great Fedor was fighting for the first time in North America.

Like their first encounter back in 2004, the bout was all Fedor. Coleman tried valiantly to get a takedown, but got beat up by Fedor for his efforts over the entire first round. When he finally did get him down in the second, he was promptly armbarred for his efforts.

What I remember most about this fight isn't in the video above. After the bout was over, Coleman brought his daughters into the ring. His eye was swollen completely shut and his face was mangled. The girls were clearly scared to see this, but Coleman insisted on bringing them over to Fedor. Emelianenko was smiling and trying to be nice, but the girls looked terrified.

Coleman received a lot of backlash for doing this, with people claiming he "traumatized" his daughters. Coleman and his daughter actually spoke about the incident in a 2012 edition of Inside MMA, where his daughter said it was fine.

Anyway, watch the fight video if you want to see vintage Fedor.