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UFC co-founder Bob Meyrowitz to be inducted into UFC Hall of Fame

A co-founder of the UFC will take his place in the contributor's branch of the Hall of Fame.

Holly Stein/Getty Images

A name from the UFC's roots will be added to the Hall of Fame. Bob Meyrowitz, a co-founder of the promotion, will be inducted into the contributor's branch of the HOF during the UFC Fan Expo on July 10th, the day after UFC 200.

The organization made the announcement earlier today.

Meyrowitz, who worked with Semaphore Entertainment Group, was responsible for creating UFC 1 along with Rorion Gracie and Campbell McClaren. That tournament, which was famously won by Royce Gracie, was designed to be a standalone show. But it sprung into an entire promotion that was sold to Zuffa in 2001 after some legal issues.

He is the second person announced for this year's HOF class so far. The other is heavyweight legend Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Meyrowitz will hoin Jeff Blatnick and Charles "Mask" Lewis in the contributor's arm of the Hall of Fame.

It should also be noted that Meyrowitz was the creator of YAMMA Pit Fighting. We miss you, YAMMA.

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