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Technique of the Week: K-1 legend demonstrates clinch counter and devastating knee

K-1 kickboxing legend, Sam Greco, demonstrates how to reverse your opponent's Thai clinch and land a brutal knee of your own, in Submission Radio's "Technique of the Week."

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K-1 legend, Sam Greco, is back again and this time he's here to show you how to reverse your opponent's clinch and deliver a brutal knee to their dome!

In this edition of Submission Radio's "Technique of the Week", Greco starts off in the disadvantageous (ask Rich Franklin) clinch position known as the Thai Plum (or double collar tie). He then demonstrates how to reverse the position on your opponent so that you then have them in your own Thai Plum. From there, he takes things a step further and shows off how to whip your opponent into a position where you can land knee(s) to the head, or many other attacks.

Greco is a former Kickboxer, Karate practitioner and MMA fighter. His active career spanned almost two decades, and throughout his memorable run in K-1 he battled legends such as Mirko Cro Cop, Ernesto Hoost, Ray Sefo, Jerome Le Banner, Peter Aerts, and even came third in the 1999 K-1 World Grand Prix. Greco retired in 2005 after a knockout win over Shungo Oyama under MMA rules.

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