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UFC Fight Night: Overeem vs. Arlovski live results and play-by-play

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Bloody Elbow will provide live updates and analysis for the UFC Fight Night card from Rotterdam, Netherlands. The main event will see Alistair Overeem taking on Andrei Arlovski.

Bloody Elbow is the place to be for live coverage of the UFC's first trip the The Netherlands. The UFC Fight Night event, which takes place in Rotterdam, will have two heavyweight fights on top with Dutch native Alistair Overeem taking on Andrei Arlovski, along with a bout between fellow Dutch fighter Stefan Struve and Antonio Silva.

The preliminary card will kick off at 10:30am ET/7:30am PT, with the six-fight main card starting at 2pm ET/11am PT.

Join us here for play-by-play and results from the show, and share your opinion in the comments.

Andrei Arlovski vs. Alistair Overeem

Round 1 - Arlovski takes the center and opens up on Overeem against the cage. Most of it was blocked though. They clinch and throw knees against the cage. Knee to the head from Overeem forces Andrei to separate. Body kick by Overeem. Both men are fighting a bit safe. Leg kick from Overeem. Knees in the clinch and a trip takedown by Overeem. He jumps into Arlovski's guard. Arlovski covering up well but Overeem slips in a right. Upkick from Arlovski as Overeem backs out. 10-9 Overeem.

Round 2 - Arlovski scores with a glancing right hook. A lot of feinting. Overeem with a nice combo, but Arlovski comes right back with his own. Jumping switch kick that landed underneath the jaw, and and a left hand drops Arlovski! Overeem's pouring it on and it's all over! Just like that!

Alistair Overeem defeated Andrei Arlovski by TKO (strikes), 1:12 of round 2

Antonio Silva vs. Stefan Struve

Round 1 - Struve landed a nice right. Silva immediately pushes Struve against the cage and eats a big knee! He's down! Struve dropping elbows and it's over already! Wow. that was unreal.

Stefan Struve defeated Antonio Silva by TKO (knee/elbows), :15 of round 1

Gunnar Nelson vs. Albert Tumenov

Round 1 - Nelson with a left hook that scores early. Tumenov with a leg kick. Jumping left hook from Gunnar. Hard body kicks from Tumenov. They exchange right hooks. This is great already. Hard side kick from Nelson. Right from Tumenov. Nelson charges in and gets a takedown. Right to mount! Stockton Slap and a short elbow from Gunni. He's just ripping him with elbows and backfists. Tumenov manages to escape with 30 seconds left. Tumenov digs to the body. Leaping right hook and body kick from Tumenov. 10-9 Nelson.

Round 2 - Tumenov goes back to the body. Nelson clinches up against the cage. Can't do anything with it. Right hook for Tumenov, straight right for Nelson. Tumenov caught a kick and battered the back leg. Nelson with a beautiful takedown, and moves to side. And to mount. Beautiful. Tumenov gave up his back and Gunni locked up a body triangle. He couldn't get the arm under the chin, but he squeezed and still got the tap. That was amazing.

Gunnar Nelson defeated Albert Tumenov by submission (RNC/face crank), 3:15 of round 2

Germaine de Randamie vs. Anna Elmose

Round 1 - Elmose closed the distance and worked over De Randamie in the clinch against the cage. The crowd is very loud for Germaine here. She gor GDR to her knees but no further. Thai clinch from GDR and a couple of big knees. Elmose ends up on her back, but De Randamie lets her up. GDR firing off the jab. Big right, and an uppercut. Huge knees in the Thai clinch against the cage. Monster body shot and Elmose is down! One more shot and it's over. The crowd is losing it.

Germaine de Randamie defeats Anna Elmose by TKO (knee), round 1

Francimar Barroso vs. Nikita Krylov

Round 1 - Our own Karim Zidan got a shoutout on the broadcast for his story on Kyrlov! Awesome! Krylov pressed forward with a front kick and a head kick that wobbled Barroso. They clinched up against the cage. Krylov got free and opened up, but Barroso tied him up again. A whole lot of clinching from both men. Krylov was finally able to open up at the horn. 10-9 Krylov.

Round 2 - Krylov picked up where he ended the first, coming forward with pressure. Barroso fired back and they clinched. Emphatic takedown by Barroso but Krylov immediately reversed. Big upkick from Barroso! Krylov warned for a headbutt to the chest. Krylov continued to work from the top with short punches and elbows. Krylov scrambled awkwardly, but ultimately ended up with back control. He sunk a choke and got the tap! Wow!

Nikita Krylov defeated Francimar Barroso by submission (rear naked choke), 3:11 of round 2

Heather Clark vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz

Round 1 - Kicks galore early from both ladies. Counter right from Clark. Not really a lot going on now. Nice overhand right from Clark. And a counter right from Clark. They clinched up against the cage. Clark doing some good work there. Kowalkiewicz looks a bit overwhelmed. Clark looking for a takedown but it's not there. Kowalkiewicz with a right. Head kick now. She seems to be loosened up. Spinning back kick! Nice. Clark ties her up again. Tough to score, but I'll lean 10-9 Clark.

Round 2 - Beautiful counter right from Kowalkiewicz. She's pressing forward but Clark scooped a leg. Brief takedown. Kowalkiewicz wading in and throwing combinations. Clark looking to counter but she's a bit late. Clark scored with a nice right, but Kowalkiewicz responded in kind. KK with a right that seemed to wobble Clark. She immediately clinched up. Two short elbows from Kowalkiewicz and Clark is in retreat. Thai clinch and knees to the body. Clark tripped to the ground and Kowalkiewicz took her back. Looking for an armbar but she got stacked up. 10-9 Kowalkiewicz.

Round 3 - Body kick from Clark. Counter left from Clark. Kowalkiewicz pushing the pace. Clark clinches against the cage and throws some knees. KK responds with her own body shots. Spinning back fist from Kowalkiewicz. They exchanges 1-2's. Kowalkiewicz really opening up now, landing a bunch of punches. Clark ones again pushes her against the cage. Nice combo. Clark with a decent counter. Two big rights as Kowalkiewicz exits the clinch. They brawled to the horn, with Kowalkiewicz landing an extremely hard right. Good ending. 10-9 and 29-28 Kowalkiewicz.

Karolina Kowalkiewicz defeated Heather Jo Clark by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Rustam Khabilov vs. Chris Wade

Round 1 - Khabilov opens with an outside leg kick. They exchanged kicks. They clinched up and Khabilov hit a throw, but couldn't gain control on the ground. Front kicks from Wade. Khabilov doesn't come close with a capoeira kick. Clinch war against the cage. Khabilov with a body lock and a frontside takedown. Wade is up but Khabilov is glued to his back. Wade's up with a leg but Khabilov dumped him back down and landed a few hammerfists. 10-9 Khabilov.

Round 2 - Khabilov with a couple of jabs. Jumping switch kick from Wade drops Khabilov! That was crazy! Khabilov got up right away though and took Wade's back! Wade reversed back to top position but Khabilov looked for a triangle. The pace slowed greatly as Wade just controlled from the top with virtually no striking. Back up wit ha minute to go. Khabilov with a left hook. Khabilov with a big takedown. 10-9 Wade for the kick.

Round 3 - They exchange punches in close. Wade looks to have lost some steam. Spinning back fist from Wade gets blocked. Khabilov in on a takedown and he throws Wade to the mat. Khabilov has his back, and hooks. He gave up the hooks, but continued to work from his back landing hammerfists and tiring Wade out. Khabilov just straight grinding now. Working from guard with Wade folded up like a pretzel against the cage. Wade got up briefly with 15 seconds to go, but Khabilov trapped an arm back on the ground and beat him up with hammerfists to the horn. 10-9 and 29-28 Khabilov.

Magnus Cedenblad vs. Garreth McLellan

Round 1 - McLellan throwing kicks, trrying to avoid Cedenblad's jab. A right hand counter from Cedenblad drops McLellan! He's right back up though, and quickly got eye-poked. That bought him some time. Body shot from Cedenblad. McLellan with a lead uppercut that misses. Nice right for Cedenblad. McLellan with a straight left. A lot of posturing. 10-9 Cedenblad.

Round 2 - Cedenblad landed a big kick that stunned McLellan, then opened up with punches against the cage. McLellan stayed on his feet, but ate a ton of uncontested punches and the ref jumped in.

Magnus Cedenblad defeated Gareth McLellan by TKO (strikes), :47 of round 2

Josh Emmett vs. Jon Tuck

Round 1 - Both men throwing a bevy of punches early. Emmett with two nice counter rights. Big lead right now. Emmett really continuing to score with the lead right. Now a head kick. Tuck is throwing but hasn't connected with anything of note outside of a quick right. Another head kick made Emmett slip. Tuck landed a knee to the dome against the cage. Emmett to the body. 10-9 Emmett.

Round 2 - Jumping knee lands for Tuck. Emmett continues to score with a winging lead right. It's not very technically sound but it's scoring. This time Emmett missed with the right but followed it up with a nice left that connected. Tuck scores to the body. That right for Emmett yet again. The pace has definitely slowed, with more feinting and less connecting. Emmett is walking Tuck down though, and scored with a left and a jab. Pretty much all Emmett. 10-9 Emmett.

Round 3 - Emmet is doing a great job of avoiding Tuck's lead shot and responding with counters that do land. He's mixing in body shots as well, confusing Tuck and lowering his output. Emmett appears to have dislocated a finger, so he's circling away from Tuck now. But Tuck isn't doing much. Jumping knee from Tuck. Emmett really evasive now and the crowd is booing. Tuck with another knee that may have stunned him .Three kicks to the body and head! It's a track meet. Tuck won the round, but Emmett won the fight. 29-28 Emmett.

Josh Emmett defeated Jon Tuck by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Yan Cabral vs. Reza Madadi

Round 1 - Madadi with a leaping right hook and a double leg attempt that went nowhere. Both men swing and miss. Madadi clinches up against the fence. They worked there for a while with neither man gaining an advantage. Cabral spun him around but couldn't get a takedown. Cabral with a knee. Cabral finally got a single leg takedown. Madadi tried to counter but got mounted. He secured hooks and took the back. Madadi deftly dumped a hook and got back to his feet though. 10-9 Cabral.

Round 2 - They clowned around at the start, slapping hands and theatrically hugging. Madadi pressed forward and scored with a right. Cabral worked hard for a takedown and they end up in a weird, but fun, scramble. Front kick from Cabral. More clinch work against the cage. Madadi missed with a spinning back fist. Spinning elbow is there for Cabral. 10-9 Cabral, but close.

Round 3 - Cabral just fell down trying to fake a kick. Big right and an uppercut from Madadi. Spinning back fist from Madadi. Cabral looking for the takedown but Madadi deftly avoiding the single leg attack. Madadi with an uppercut, and Cabral just stopped defending himself! Madadi unloads and the ref stops it! Cabral was out on his feet!

Reza Madadi defeated Yan Cabral by TKO (strikes), 1:56 of round 3

Kyoji Horiguchi vs. Neil Seery

Round 1 -Horiguchi with a quick start, connecting with two low kicks and a right hook. A huge left hook drops Seery! Seery is still there though and tied up Horiguchi on the ground. Horiguchi stacked him up and landed a couple of shots, but Seery got up. Another right from the Japanese fighter, and a takedown. Seery immediately went for an armbar. They're back up. They traded big punches. Good fight so far. Another left hook drops Seery! He's back up again though. Tough guy. Horiguchi with a takedown. He worked from side for a bit but couldn't get mount. Back on the feet, Kyoji scored with a body kick. 10-9 Horiguchi.

Round 2 - Horiguchi with a right hook and a body kick that spun Seery right around. Seery has a cut next to his right eye. Horiguchi with a nice trip takedown.  Seery's up quick though. Left hook from Horiguchi. Inside leg kick. Both men scored with punches. Quick straight left for Seery, but Horiguchi responded. Another straight right connected for the Japanese fighter. Horiguchi with another takedown. 10-9 Horiguchi.

Round 3 - Both men came out swinging in the final round. Seery with a nice straight left. A right behind the ear too. Outside trip takedown from Horiguchi, but Seery was up in seconds. He ate a huge left hook though, and was really wobbly for a few seconds. A straight right sent Seery reeling back into the cage. Horiguchi with a double leg takedown. Seery up and they battle in the clinch. A right hook from Seery scored, but Horiguchi came back with a body shot. They're throwing down to close out the fight. Seery went for a takedown but got reversed. 10-9 and 30-27 Horiguchi.

Kyoji Horiguchi defeated Neil Seery by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

Leon Edwards vs. Dominic Waters

Round 1 - After a 30 second feeling-out process, Waters dragged Edwards to the mat. He immediately got up and scored his own takedown though. Waters trying to attack an arm, but Edwards escaped. This allowed Waters to get up. Edwards landed a huge low kick or a knee as Waters shot in for a takedown. Edwards spun around to the back, secured a hook, and moved to mount. He's not doing much in mount so far, just really controlling position. He's attacking an arm late. 10-9 Edwards.

Round 2 - Waters charged in for a takedown but got taken down himself. He pressed him against the cage for two minutes and appeared to be doing enough, but the referee stood them up. Waters scored with a kick, but Edwards responded with a flying knee. A straight right from Edwards sent Waters down to one knee briefly. Waters looking for a takedown, but Edwards fought it off. Until he didn't. Edwards was back up in seconds, but was side-suplexed back down. Looked like a Rock Bottom. Still, 10-9 Edwards.

Round 3 - Edwards with a hard kick. Waters with a big shot and a takedown into half guard. Edwards got up after a minute or so. Waters with a nice right. Counter short left from Edwards. Head kick. Waters looks exhausted. Knee and jab from Edwards, but Waters is in on a takedown. They stall out against the cage. Finally Edwards scores with a knee to the body and lands a few punches. Some elbows to the body from Edwards on the ground. 10-9 and 30-27 Edwards.

Leon Edwards defeated Dominic Waters by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Willie Gates vs. Ulka Sasaki

Round 1 - Sasaki wih a body kick and a lot of pressure. He dove in for a takedown and got it. Gates jumped up but had his back taken. Sasaki tried valiantly to drag him back to the mat and finally got it there with two minutes to go. They're back up, and Gates finally has some control in the corner. Sasaki went down for another takedown but ate a big uppercut from Gates. A big knee in the clinch makes Sasaki bail. Step-in knee from Sasaki. 10-9 Sasaki.

Round 2 - Sasaki runs in wildly and almost gets clubbed, but manages to get Gates down again. Gates is up, and Sasaki's corner is pretty animated. Sasaki with a big slam takedown. Gates gave up his back and Sasaki sunk both hooks. He's softening him up with strikes but can't get his arm under the chin for the choke. Sasaki didn't care though - he just squeezed on the jaw. Eventually he slipped it under and secured the choke until Gates tapped. Nice finish.

Ulka Sasaki defeated Willie Gates by submission (rear naked choke), 2:12 of round 2