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Canelo vs Khan results and analysis: Canelo knocks Khan out in 6th round

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Canelo Alvarez def. Amir Khan, KO, R6, 2:37

The power vs. speed match-up of Canelo Alvarez vs. Amir Khan turned out to be a very interesting tactical battle indeed. But in the end, the winner was clear, as power earned Canelo the violent KO win.

Amir Khan came out fighting exactly the fight he needed. He used his hand speed and movement to outland Canelo, making the champion miss wildly in early exchanges. The first 2-3 rounds were for Khan. Perhaps most interestingly, Canelo did manage to land some of his left hooks in those early rounds, but they did not seem to impact Khan.

As the fight progressed, the momentum swung over to Canelo. Whether it was his excellent body work or Khan simply fading, as we moved into round 4, it was clear that Amir Khan was slowing down in his movement. At the same time, Canelo showed his often overlooked defense, as he found Khan's timing and was able to avoid the fast hands that caught him early. In the 6th round, Canelo finally did what many expected he would do - he landed a clean, heavy, perfectly timed shot. And that one shot was all it took. Amir Khan went down and out, hard. There was no count needed - this fight was done.

Post-fight, Gennady Golovkin took the ring. Canelo said he feared no one and was ready to fight Golovkin "right now." We'll see what happens with that in the coming two weeks, as Golovkin is now the Middleweight mandatory challenger, and Canelo will have 15 days to either accept the fight or drop his title.

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