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Canelo vs. Khan live streaming results and round by round coverage

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Get round by round results and full fight coverage here for Canelo Alvarez vs. Amir Khan live on PPV. Canelo vs. Khan airs live today, May 7th.

Canelo Alvarez will look to solidify his spot as the top draw in boxing in the post Pacquiao/Mayweather era tonight when he takes on Amir Khan in the  T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Canelo's middleweight belts will be on the line against Khan, who is jumping two weight classes (sort of) to take the biggest fight of his career at a 155-pound catchweight.

The bout airs on pay-per-view as the headliner of a four-fight card. The PPV kicks off at 9pm ET/6pm PT.

Alvarez (46-1-1, 32 KO) and Khan (32-3, 19 KO) are both on multi-fight winning streaks coming into Vegas.The main event is expected to start some time between 11pm and midnight ET (my guess would be closer to midnight, as per boxing tradition).

Join as at Bloody Elbow for live results and play-by-play of the fight. Offer your opinion in the comment section!

PPV Card

Canelo Alvarez vs. Amir Khan

Round 1 - Khan pawing with the jab. Nice quick combo from Khan. Canelo missed with two wild left hooks. Khan with a solid combo. Canelo very patient thus far. Scored with a left hook. A lead left hook from Canelo that time. 10-9 Khan.

Round 2 - Khan with a nice combo. Canelo missed with a leaping hook and Khan responded with a solid left hook. Khan tied him up, and Canelo actually picked him up off the ground. Alvarez is just missing with his power shots. Solid straight left to the body from Canelo. Straight right from Khan. 10-9 Khan again.

Round 3 - Alvarez rights a right hook to the body. Left hook now on the counter. Counter straight right just missed. Left hook connects for Khan. Straight left for Alvarez. Canelo moving forward. Nice combo late and a right hand may have won him the round. I'm leaning Canelo though. 10-9 Alvarez.

Round 4 - Khan continues to circle and flick the jab. Canelo looking for the big shot. Khan with a right hook, but Alvarez clubbed him to the body with the counter. Khan with a nice one-two shortly after, but got hit to the body again. Khan slips a straight left through Canelo's guard. Canelo missed with a right hook and ate an accurate counter. Again to the body for Canelo. Glancing right hook from Khan. Back to the body. Traded jabs. Another hard body shot. 10-9 Alvarez.

Round 5 - Hard left hook scores for Alvarez. More hooks to the ribs. Two more right hooks to the body, and a right hook to the chin. Khan is still pitter-pattering but hasn't connected with a truly hard shot in the round. Canelo with yet another dig to the ribs and followed it with a straight right. Left jab and right hook to the body. Khan connected with his own shot though. 10-9 Alvarez.

Round 6 - More body work from Canelo. I feel like a parrot right now because I'm repeating myself so much. HARD body shot this time. Amir's not landing any more. That definitely got his attention. To his credit, he came back with a three-punch combo that tagged Alvarez. Good jab from Alvarez, and back downstairs. RIGHT HOOK CONNECTS AND AMIR KHAN IS OUT COLD!

Canelo Alvarez defeated Amir Khan by KNOCKOUT, 2:37 of round 6

David Lemieux vs. Glen Tapia

Round 1 - Lemieux presses forward as he is wont to do. Ripping the left hook to the body and head. Right hook now. Tapia isn't backing off though. Uppercut, left hook combo. Beautiful. Double jab and reaching straight right lands, but not flush. 10-9 Lemieux.

Round 2 - Tapia is more active early in round two, with body shots and a nice straight left. Hard lead left hook scored for Lemieux. Two straight rights for Tapia. Another hard left hook, and a right from Lemieux. Tapia's a bit wobbly. Lemieux throwing with huge power now. Body shot hurt Tapia. Another hard left hook. Tapia's trying to fire back but he doesn't have much. Two body shots and a jab did slow Lemieux down a bit though. 10-9 Lemieux.

Round 3 - Great uppercut from Lemieux to start. Tapia is throwing back, but not putting everything into his shots. Three-punch combo snaps Tapia's head back. Tapia with a right hook and a nice straight left. He's still in the fight. Lemieux mixing in a straight left with the left hook and it's getting through. 10-9 Lemieux, but Tapia's best round so far.

Round 4 - Lemieux opens up huge, with a left hook to the body and then upstairs. Tapia's on his heels against the ropes. Lemieux backs off and cracks him with a looping left hook and Tapia is down! Oh wow, it's over already. Tapia's corner waived it off. Tapia's past may have caught up with him there. Regardless, David Lemieux just scored a big win.

David Lemieux defeated Glen Tapia by TKO (corner stoppage), :56 of round 4

Frankie Gomez defeated Mauricio Herrera by unanimous decision (100-90, 100-90, 100-90)

Curtis Stevens defeated Patrick Teixeira by TKO, 1:04 of round 2