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Evander Holyfield: Canelo is wrong to demand a catchweight

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Evander Holyfield is no fan of the 155 catchweight for Canelo vs. Khan, telling Canelo "You say you beat a Middleweight, but did you really?" Check out the full interview.

On Saturday night, boxing's lineal Middleweight title in on the line as Canelo Alvarez takes on Amir Khan live on PPV. One of the big topics of the fight is the weight, as Canelo defends the 160 pound Middleweight title at a catchweight of 155 pounds - just as former champion Miguel Cotto did before him.

Our colleagues at Fight Hub TV spoke to former Heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield about the fight and the catchweight. Holyfield is no stranger to changes in weight class, as he moved up to Heavyweight to become world champion and one of the biggest stars of the 1990's. Here is Holyfield's take on Canelo and the 155 pound catchweight:

I think it's wrong. I think it goes against the rules and regulations. It's for 160 pounds. You can't tell a guy he has to come down. The thing is 160. How in the world do you tell someone you want to fight me for my title at 160 pounds but you have to lose weight? No way. No excuses. You said you want to fight the big fights, then you fight at 160...

You say you beat a Middleweight, but did you really? If you made him come down a weight? You beat somebody who is a Junior Middleweight just like you.

Holyfield also shares his views on how Canelo vs Khan will play out, and what the future holds for former Heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko. Watch the full interview above, and get more at Fight Hub TV.

Canelo vs. Khan has a start time of 9:00 pm ET, and we will have live coverage here at Bloody Elbow, this Saturday night.