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Video: Boxer Amir Khan 'serious' about interest in MMA, chances against McGregor

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Amir Khan doubles up and says he really is open to competing in Mixed Martial Arts.

Amir Khan has spoken multiple times about a possible switch to MMA. Most recently, the former light welterweight boxing champ said that he has already done MMA training, and that he would 'fancy' his chances against UFC featherweights such as Conor McGregor.

When prompted for a follow up by Fight Hub, he doubled up on those statements.

"I was serious about that," Khan said about his statements about competing in MMA. "I am a co-owner of a company called Super Fight League, SFL, in India."

"MMA, if it comes to my doorstep and they ask me to fight, I would do that," he said. "I'm always trying different things. And having the speed, and the skill set, definitely for me going into MMA would not be a problem."

Khan is 29-years old, and has gone 31-3 in his pro-boxing career. He isn't exactly too old to learn new skills, but salary could basically be the biggest hindrance for making the switch. His bout against Canelo Alvarez this Saturday will reportedly net him a $13 million payday.