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Welcome to the UFC, Jack Hermansson

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The UFC has picked up former CWFC middleweight champion Jack Hermansson for a fight against Scott Askham this September in Hamburg, Germany.

It's worth remembering that European prospects often take time to get to the UFC. Back in 2012, Jack Hermansson tried to rush his way state-side, jumping from Cage Warriors FC to Bellator. He went 0-2 for the Viacom promotion, but now with an 8 fight win-streak under his belt, he's back and ready for his UFC debut. The UFC recently announced Hermansson's signing, he'll make his debut against Scott Askham at UFC Hamburg on September 3rd. So...

Who is Jack Hermansson?

"The Joker" is a 27-year old Swedish-born fighter training out of Frontline Academy in Oslo, Norway. It's a camp that's produced a number of good regional fighters including UFC vet Simeon Thoresen, and Cage Warriors standout Mohsen Bahari. Hermansson enters the UFC with a record of 13-2, his only two losses coming in his short Bellator stint. He has a surprisingly strong record including wins over then unbeaten Maciej Rozanski and UFC vet Karlos Vemola, among a host of other solid veterans. Outside of MMA, Hermansson has a background in Greco-Roman wrestling.

What you should expect:

Hermansson has a very boxy frame for the MW division standing at 6' 1", with a relatively short neck and torso, but looks to have very long powerful arms. He tends to use that build to stay out at range, where he moves well and feints a lot, often switching stances and rarely committing to combinations. He tends to stay reasonably tight defensively as he moves, but can get caught moving into strikes, and doesn't move his head as much as he does his feet.

When Hermansson does actually sit on strikes, he does well to mix up his approach, and land with power, but he doesn't do it as often as he gets the opportunity to. His entire MMA game definitely starts to work a lot better when he can establish the jab. In part, that's also because most of Hermansson's game is striking. He rarely shoots, and when he does he's not a complex wrestler. Most of his wrestling success comes when opponents shoot on him and he can stuff the shot and ride from top control. He's got very active GnP from the top when he gets there and is adept enough off his back, but neither position tends to be his by choice.

What this means for his debut:

This is tricky. Askham's range striking is... not good. And that's almost entirely where Hermansson likes to work. But, by a similar token, Hermansson isn't likely to create a lot of additional problems for Askham with a power wrestling game. Still, given Hermansson's toughness and gas tank, if he can stay outside and stay active he's got the tools he needs to take a decision off the Brit.

To get us better acquainted, here's his most recent fight, at Venator FC 3, against Ireneusz Cholewa: