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Miesha Tate: Rousey is 'emotionally unstable', McGregor could be getting 'big-headed'

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UFC women's bantamweight champ Miesha Tate gives her thoughts on Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

When Ronda Rousey revealed that she had been feeling suicidal in the aftermath of her loss to Holly Holm, it led many to question to former bantamweight champion's state of mind.

Miesha Tate, who now sits atop the women's 135-pound throne after choking Holly Holm unconscious at UFC 196, believes 'Rowdy's' reaction following the loss was a symptom of an underlying emotional problem.

"I think Ronda is somewhat emotionally unstable and I think that's been characteristic for a long time," Tate said on Sirius XM, per Jed Meshew of MMA Fighting. "Doesn't mean she fights any worse for it. I'm not knocking her as an athlete but emotionally she's just got some things that are a little bit strange and I think that that was one of them."

'Cupcake' also revealed on the Joe Rogan podcast that Rousey scolded strawweight talent Paige VanZant at a Reebok sponsorship deal. The 29-year-old feels that type behaviour is typical of Rousey and says there is a stark contrast between her and VanZant.

"This is why I feel like I identify with Paige more. She's so kind and when this whole thing happened she was like, ‘we're emotional beings and hopefully I can make it right with Ronda" and she's still such a sweetheart but I'm not that way....

When Ronda does things like that to me I'm just like, ‘No, eff you.' I'm not gonna bow down and not say how I feel."

Tate then shifted the conversation towards the UFC's other golden child, Conor McGregor. Despite McGregor's recent fallout with the company, Tate feels as though the Irishman is given the special treatment he demanded when he refused to fulfil media obligations in Las Vegas last month.

The former Strikeforce champion is a fan of McGregor's but worries he could be getting too big for his boots.

"The UFC has gone above and beyond to accommodate him and you've got to think about this too: how did Conor McGregor become Conor McGregor? If there was no UFC you wouldn't know who he was. It's been a mutual effort on both their parts. The UFC has spent a tremendous amount of money promoting Conor McGregor and he's made a lot of money - for himself and for them - but it's teamwork. They're both working hard to create something great and it has been great but don't change now Conor. Stay the course. This is what you've been doing this is what got you here. Don't get big headed and now think that you're above it because I think that's the downfall."

Tate will defend her BW title against Amanda Nunes at UFC 200 and, if she wins, it's expected that she'll complete her trilogy fight with Rousey at the end of the year.

Conor McGregor is being targeted for a welterweight rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC 202, but negotiations with Stockton's own have proved to be problematic.