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Videos: Brothers Joe and Dan Lauzon have backyard brawl, twice

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Joe Lauzon and his brother, Dan, brawled in their backyard... twice.

Joe Lauzon and Dan Lauzon both ended up as successful MMA fighters, with the two brothers making it in the UFC and being known as exciting action fighters. It's no secret that the two didn't always get along, and based on these recently released videos, it looks like they used to settle their disputes by throwing down.

In 2005, the Lauzon brothers had a backyard fight basically under MMA rules, without time limit, elbows, or knees to the face. Slams were said to not be allowed as well, but based on the clips, at least one of them treated it as optional.

The clip of the first brawl can be viewed above. As Dan wanted to go again after that, they had a second fight that did get a little out of hand at the end.

"I was mostly at fault for the very end," Joe wrote. "I might have given it a LITTLE extra when the fight ended!"

According to Lauzon, the two matches happened in August of 2005, meaning Joe was 21-years-old and already 9-1 in MMA. This was a year before he made his UFC debut by upsetting and taking out Jens Pulver. Dan, on the other hand, was just 17 and was only competing in amateur bouts then.