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Watch Michael Bisping's upset win over Anderson Silva at UFC London

As we get geared up for UFC 199 it's time to revisit the shocking and controversial upset win that was Michael Bisping's decision victory over Anderson Silva this last February.

Michael Bisping was the man many thought would never get his crack at the UFC middleweight title. Especially since, it seemed like the plan for years was to get him a crack at Anderson Silva, back when Silva was champ. Bisping did finally get that shot at Silva, without the belt on the line, and he made the absolute best out of it.

While Surviving a near KO mid-fight from a Silva flying knee, Bisping none-the-less turned his workman-like style up to 11 and did enough to take a decision on all three judges score cards. He'd finally crested the mountain that it seemed he'd been climbing his whole career.

And the reward? That long sought after title shot. Michael Bisping is set to face champion Luke Rockhold in a short-notice rematch of their 2014 fight, in which Rockhold choked out Bisping in the second round. Rockhold is in fact the only man to ever submit "the Count" and just the third to stop him.

In a situation where all other challengers appear to be either injured, suspended or coming off a loss, Bisping has been left alone in a classic case of right place, right time mojo. Now the only question left is, will the fight be any different the second time around?