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Sonnen wants Georges St-Pierre bout: 'Everyone would watch that'

Retired UFC fighter Chael Sonnen is eyeing for a fight against Georges St-Pierre if he does make an MMA comeback.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The last time Chael Sonnen was seen inside the UFC cage was at UFC 167 in November 2013, where took a beating from Rashad Evans, en route to a first round TKO loss.

Since then, he has retired from active competition after two failed drug tests and a two-year suspension courtesy of the Nevada Athletic Commission, and has instead been in front of the ESPN cameras as the resident MMA analyst.

But apparently, the 39-year old former UFC title contender has not closed his doors on the sport just yet. In his recent appearance on the MMA Hour, Sonnen says he wants a fight against Georges St-Pierre if he does end up making a comeback.

"Everyone would watch that," Sonnen said (transcription by MMA Fighting). "I'm not trying to hype a fight with Georges here. I'm just saying. But yes, as far as a fight, if you're just looking at what could sell tickets, yeah man."

"I mean, these guys (current UFC fighters) are doing a good job right now, but they're really not. I'm being nice, man. These guys are terrible. It's so hard. It's so hard sometimes. Like, what do you want to do here? You guys, you're just terrible."

Sonnen had gotten a preview of how it is to be in the ring with St-Pierre when they had the opportunity to work out together a few years back. ‘The American Gangster’ did admit that the former welterweight champion got the best of him in that instance, and it is something that has been bothering him to this day.

"We went hard. I think I could've gone harder, but we went hard, and I came in second," Sonnen recalled. "And it drove me nuts, man. It drove me nuts. But I really think I could've done better. It was close. It was fine. If you ask him, he might try to put me over."

"I'm not trying to put him over right now, I'm just telling you what happened. He won that go, but I could've done better with him, and it's driven me nuts ever since. I thought, man, I could've gotten that guy. I could've done better."