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Submission Radio #92: Bas Rutten, Luke Thomas, Javier Mendez, Jason Parillo

This week, Submission Radio chats with Bas Rutten, Luke Thomas, Javier Mendez and Jason Parillo. Also on the show is a segment dedicated to answering your listener questions!

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Submission Radio returns with a fun show, featuring interviews with Bas Rutten, Luke Thomas, Javier Mendez, Jason Parillo, plus a new segment where we answer your "listener questions". If you would like to send in your questions to be answered on next week's show, please send them in to:

As always, the video above features clickable annotations and timestamps, and below is a rundown of what to expect on the episode. We hope you enjoy the show!

- Bas Rutten returns to the program (at the 57:09 mark) to discuss:

  • The ridiculous rumors of Conor McGregor fighting Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match
  • Why Bas thinks it should never happen and how he sees a potential match up playing out
  • Chris Weidman getting injured and Michael Bisping stepping in to face Luke Rockhold at UFC 199
  • Bisping's chances against Rockhold with so little notice
  • Stipe Miocic's recent win over Werdum and Bas' theories for why Werdum got caught
  • If Alistair Overeem is the right man to face Stipe next and how Stipe stacks up against the Dutchman
  • CM Punk and the unfortunate injuries that have kept him away from the octagon
  • If the UFC should continue with CM Punk's MMA debut

- Luke Thomas returns (at the 1:27:38 mark) to talk about

  • Chris Weidman's injury prone history
  • Michael Bisping finally getting a UFC title shot
  • Bisping's path to victory against Rockhold
  • If Anderson Silva could be added to the UFC 200 card
  • The chances of GSP still fighting on UFC 200
  • His thoughts on UFC 200 as a whole and how it compares to UFC 199
  • Who he thinks should face Stipe Miocic next for the UFC heavyweight title
  • The ageing talent at middleweight and light heavyweight
  • Robert Whittaker as a middleweight prospect and what's next for the Aussie
  • The rumors of a potential UFC sale.

- AKA head coach, Javier Mendez, returns (at the 4:34 mark) to discuss:

  • Luke Rockhold's opponent change in Michael Bisping
  • How this affects Rockhold's preparation
  • How he first found out about Chris Wiedman's injury and what could be the cause of the former champion's frequent setbacks
  • The changes he himself has made at AKA to avoid injuries
  • Why Bisping is still dangerous despite the short notice
  • If Daniel Cormier would've beaten the Jon Jones that showed up at UFC 197
  • The differences in the Cormier/Jones rematch
  • The heavyweight title picture and who deserves the next title shot between Alistair Overeem and Cain Velasquez
  • Why he doesn't consider Stipe Miocic a long-term champion
  • Cain's conditioning being a factor against Travis Browne
  • How Cain would deal with Stipe's footwork, and more.

- Michael Bisping's long-time trainer, Jason Parillo, comes on (at the 33:48 mark) to talk about:

  • His reaction to Michael Bisping replacing Chris Weidman at UFC 199
  • Michael finally getting a shot at a UFC title
  • How the short timeframe will affect Bisping's performance
  • The emotional side of Bisping and how Jason has to keep "The Count" in check
  • Cris Cyborg finally making her UFC debut
  • The controversial 81-second stoppage against Leslie Smith
  • Who he thinks Cyborg should face next and why it has to be a big name
  • How many more times Cyborg can make the cut to 140, and more.

Also on the show, is the return of "Tweet Kingz" (at 21:13) and a segment dedicated to answering YOUR questions (at 1:51:54). Don't forget to send your questions in to:

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @SubmissionAUS and interact with us, as we love chatting with you guys. You can also catch every episode of Submission Radio on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and Soundcloud.

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