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Free fight: Jake Shields and AJ Agazarm almost come to blows at Polaris 3

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Polaris 3 brought us a very controversial match between Jake Shields and AJ Agazarm and now you can watch it for free here on

On April 2nd, Polaris 3 went down in the UK. While many may remember Polaris 3 for its amazing main event between Garry Tonon and Rousimar Palhares, the show also featured one of the most heated matches in recent history. Prior to their match-up, both Shields and Agazarm had engaged in back-and-forth trash talking and when match began the tension was palpable.

Over the course of 15 minutes, MMA veteran, Shields, came close to submissions on numerous occasions, but Agazarm defended gallantly. When the pair were not engaged in submission attempts, they were engaged in pushes and slaps.

While this match won't be remembered as an all-time great, it will certainly live on in infamy as a grappling match that almost ended with punches. This match showing Shields legacy as the pioneer of American jiu-jitsu and showed just how tough AJ Agazarm is.

Polaris 4 is tentatively scheduled to take place in the Autumn and will likely be available via pay-per-view stream.