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Is Conor McGregor claiming that UFC 196 did 2 million PPV buys?

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Conor McGregor claims that the UFC 196 PPV numbers blew UFC 100 out of the water, but does the math make sense?

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For years now, UFC 100 has stood as the high PPV watermark for the UFC. An estimated 1.6 million buys, and nothing else has ever really come all that close. Well at least nothing until UFC 196, which Dana White himself revealed did somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.5 million buys. Those are lofty numbers by themselves and have certified McGregor as an unquestionable superstar in MMA, but are they right? Maybe, maybe not.

Most of the PPV numbers we have for the UFC come as best guesses and estimates. The real, hard data is rarely ever released. Still it came as something of a shock when Conor McGregor took to twitter today, claiming that he was, in fact, the owner of the UFC PPV sales record, besting UFC 100 by 400,000 buys:

McGregor even doubled down on the statement, saying he holds the PPV and gate records among others for the UFC:

Aldo vs. McGregor was estimated at 1.2 million and McGregor vs. Mendes at 825k, so it seems as though there's no question that McGregor vs. Diaz was his biggest PPV to date. Does that mean the UFC 196 PPV numbers were significantly higher than initially estimated? Or that the UFC 100 numbers are actually lower than the 1.6 million they've been pegged at? Or that McGregor is just blowing smoke?

The leap from 1.5 million to 2 million is a pretty big one. It's not unheard of for PPV estimates to climb a ton from initial estimates. Bloody Elbow has learned from sources close to the industry, that UFC 157 (Rousey vs. Carmouche) may have done closer to 625,000 buys, rather than the estimated 450,000. And the 2007 Deutschebank memorandum, which includes numbers direct from the UFC, shows that PPV estimates are often skewed by 10,000-100,000 one way or another.

If nothing else, McGregor has brought up a lot of questions about a part of the MMA business that largely stays behind closed doors.