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Conor McGregor says UFC 200 was 'primed' to beat Mayweather/Pacquiao PPV record

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Conor McGregor went on a Q&A spree of sorts, on Twitter, responding to fan questions and, as expected, making some pretty bold statements.

Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Conor McGregor has never lacked for bold statements. It's as core a part of his brand as national pride and highlight KOs. So, when he took to Twitter to engage with a few fans it's no surprise that he had a some strong declarations.

The SBG Ireland fighter fielded a number of questions about his PPV performances for the UFC. While he claims that he's set the PPV record for a single event for the promotion, McGregor apparently had his eyes on much loftier goals for UFC 200. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao reportedly did 4.4 million buys, more than double McGregor's best. But, it's a number he feels he was primed to beat.

It's still just unclear when he'll make his return to the cage. His recent spat with UFC brass over promotional duties have put a major damper on his immediate fight plans (including cancelling his scheduled bout at UFC 200).  However, with goals like this out in front of him, there will be no lack of pressure for McGregor's next fight to outperform all his benchmarks to date. There's nothing to say that won't happen, but if the UFC isn't 100% behind promoting him in the future, it will make achieving those heights that much more difficult.