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Joe Rogan 100% certain he would leave if the UFC sells

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Joe Rogan dropped in on the MMA Hour during an interview with Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen of the Fighter and the Kid and gave his views on a potential UFC sale.

It sounds like, if the UFC does in fact end up selling off their promotion, that Joe Rogan would not be part of the deal. Rumors have surfaced recently that Zuffa is shopping around to sell their flagship MMA organization for as much as $4 billion. They're rumors that the UFC has largely denied, while also publicly leaving open the possibility that they may be looking toward some sort of expansion, perhaps like their 2010 deal with Flash Entertainment.

On a recent episode of the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen were on air to promote their Fighter and the Kid podcast (among other projects). During the interview, Joe Rogan dropped in and gave his thoughts on the rumors of the UFC sale.

"There are rumors for sure," Rogan replied when asked about the potential UFC sale, "but I'm getting very vague responses. I don't know.

"I don't ask a lot. I'm gonna be honest with you, I don't ask. Because, when I call them they want me to do shit and I just don't."

He did say, however, that if the rumors were true, he would "100%" leave his commentary position with the UFC. In fact, it doesn't even seem all that sure that he'll stay whether they sell or not, telling Helwani, "Who knows, bitch," when asked if he'd renew his contract in August.

"I don't know." Rogan said about renewing his contract with the UFC. "I honestly do not know. I have a contract that's up in August and I have not made up my mind. I vacillate, daily."

Obviously nothing is set in stone, but it sounds like fans of the UFC should start preparing themselves for a Joe Rogan free future, whoever the owners might be.