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Video: Massive brawl erupts during children's Kung Fu competition

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During a Kung Fu competition for pre-teen fighters, a massive brawl ensued which involved chairs, poles, and sticks.

What started with two youngsters competing in Kung Fu, ended up with a massive all out brawl. In a video that went viral over the weekend, 12-year-old Armenian David Petrosyan was reportedly on his way to winning the semi-final match against his Azeri opponent at the European Kung Fu championships in Ukraine. Then all hell broke lose.

As seen on the clip above, even adults from both Armenia and Azerbaijan entered the ring and started throwing and swinging poles, sticks and chairs at each other during the crazy melee.

Even if it was contested in neutral ground, tensions between the two neighboring nations are high with both having a long history of war and dispute that are still being felt today.

The Azeri team was eventually disqualified from the competition for "unsportsmanlike behavior". Various reports also note that European Kung Fu Federation head Nikolay Matulevsky was hurt during the skirmish as he tried to break up the fights.

I guess these things happen in Kung Fu.