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Technique of the Week: K-1 legend demonstrates how to counter the jab

K-1 kickboxing legend, Sam Greco, demonstrates how to counter the jab in Submission Radio's "Technique of the Week".

The jab. One of the most useful and underused weapons in MMA. Kicks, takedowns, vicious knockout blows - the jab can set them all up. But what if we lived in a world where the jab could be nullified and used against your opponent, punishing them for even attempting it? Well, we do. And this week, legendary K-1 kickboxer Sam Greco shows you how.

In this week's edition of Submission Radio's "Technique of the Week", Greco demonstrates a favourite combination of his which not only defends against the jab, but also gives you the opportunity to inflict some serious damage on your foe. Check out the video above and prepare to shock your future training partners!

For almost two decades, Greco competed in Karate, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts. In his prime, he was a staple of the K-1 kickboxing promotion and fought such greats as Mirko Cro Cop, Ray Sefo, Ernesto Hoost, Jerome Le Banner and many more. His MMA career (3-1-1) includes a win over Heath Herring and a loss to a young (heavyweight) Lyoto Machida.