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Conor McGregor to UFC: 'Cut the bullsh-t', give me Nate Diaz

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Conor McGregor sent the UFC another message via social media.

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Conor McGregor isn't going to be competing at UFC 200. Even after a bit of a hold out with officials, it seems like getting a spot on the card isn't the only disagreement with both parties.

Dana White has earlier mentioned that after pulling the Irishman off the landmark event, he would have to return to face the winner between Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar. That didn't seem to sit well with Conor, and took to social media about it.

"Nobody gives a fuck about these other fights until this one is settled," McGregor wrote on Instagram. "Cut the bullshit. Run it back. #RealFight"

Nobody gives a fuck about these other fights until this one is settled. Cut the bullshit. Run it back. #RealFight

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According to both White and Diaz, McGregor was the one who kept asking of the Nate Diaz bout shortly after succumbing to the lightweight contender. The UFC initially granted his request for July, but now that he's competing at a later date, will they change their minds and do the same now?